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Marine Construction New York

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Since the early 90’s, All Pro Marine Contracting Corp. has been building up the Western Long Island Sound waters. We service the Greater NYC, Lower Westchester and, Northern Nassau County areas. Our diversified fleet of marine construction equipment is well maintained and capable of meeting the demands of the most challenging project. We can handle any size job within our extensive service area. We primarily handle dockbuilding of floating docks, fixed timber piers, and bulkheads.

US Coast Guard Licensed & Fully Insured




  • Piers and Floating Docks
  • Bulkheads
  • Boatlifts
  • Repairs


  • Piers and Floating Docks
  • Bulkheads
  • Steel Sheeting
  • Repairs
  • Pile Installation
  • Fendering Systems

Marina Construction

  • From inception to completion, All Pro Marine has teamed up with Marina Ventures to provide your community with a storage facility for your yachts and boats.
  • Take a look at our affiliates website We have teamed up with this company on multiple projects, both completely new builds and marina replacements. Marina Ventures designs a fine product and All Pro Marine is the company to build to their specifications. Their system uses laminated cedar panels that are flexible and strong enough to withstand hurricane force wind and waves. The design process includes a dedicated utility channel that runs down the length of the docks for easy access to electric and water supplies.

Special Projects

We can provide you and your company with a safe and efficient means of working out on the water.

Our expert team of vessel operators and our unique inventory of marine equipment provide you a means of conducting your on water activities. Our captains have years of experience in many different marine applications: trans-oceanic shipping, coastal towing, inland towing, film support both on and off camera, environmental research support and so on. Much of our equipment has been custom fitted to customers specifications, and All Pro Marine would be willing to do the same for you.

  • Film Support
  • Drill Platforms
  • Environmental Research Support
  • Vessel Contract Work
  • Safety Boats

Marine Towing, Salvage, and Recovery

We can mobilize at a moments notice whatever the requirement, be it a disabled vessel drifting, a sinking yacht or a grounded ship.

We have the staff, equipment and expertise to provide safe and reliable transportation for both routine tows and specialized marine projects. We have our own pumps, air bags, divers, patches, and the proper personnel on standby to prepare the risk assessments and method statements necessary for an outstanding result. Our proven track record speaks for itself in this area.

  • Towing
  • Salvage/Recoveries
  • Dockside Sinkings
  • Demastings
  • Jetski Recovery
  • Wreck Removal


Where we operate:
Based out of City Island, NY servicing the Greater NYC Area, Lower Westchester and Northern Nassau counties.

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